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Surf competition in Cold Hawaii is now oFFicially a Red Bull event

When the Cold Hawaii Games return this fall, it will be with a new, big partner. The Big Air competition will be an official part of a major international competition and will be called Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier – Cold Hawaii.

The fact that the wind and waves in Cold Hawaii are world-class is nothing new. But now the unique conditions on the edge of Denmark are getting a new seal of approval. Red Bull has just announced that they will be oBicial partners of the Cold Hawaii Games this fall, making the Big Air competition in 2024 an oBicial qualifier for the Red Bull King of the Air World Finals in South Africa.

Great news for the local area
This fall, when the world’s best kite surfers once again compete from the beach in Nørre Vorupør, doing tricks 30 meters up in the air or flying 150 meters along the coast, it will be possible to watch in large parts of the world. Red Bull will activate the Danish event across the global Red Bull channels. In this way, the unique conditions in Nørre Vorupør will be shown to new target groups around the world.

The kitesurfing competition, which is now oBicially called Red Bull King of The Air Qualifier – Cold Hawaii, will be a qualification for the world’s largest and most prestigious kitesurfing competition, Red Bull King of the Air, which is held in Cape Town, South Africa. Only the very best kitesurfers in the world are allowed to enter. There is therefore a lot of competition for the spots, which guarantees a very high level on the water in Nørre Vorupør. The weather window for Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town is 23 Nov – 8 Dec 2024

Unique conditions for a surfing competition.
The near-faithful wind from the west in combination with an almost 400-meter-long pier makes Nørre Vorupør a surfing arena in a class of its own. From the pier, spectators can watch up close as the world’s best kite surfers perform tricks 30 meters in the air.

The Red Bull King of The Air Qualifier – Cold Hawaii will be part of the program for the Cold Hawaii Games, which runs from September 13 to October 6. The specific day(s) will depend on the wind and weather and will only be announced a few days before, but will definitely take place right in front of the pier in Nørre Vorupør.

Red Bull KofTA Qualifier