COld hawaii Big air 2022

Whoa! 🔥
Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: North Kiteboarding 2022 edition! Wind gusting up to 50 knots straight onshore. Insane level brought by the 18 riders to Vorupør, Cold Hawaii 🤘🪁🔥 Thanks to the riders for sending it big time! And for you guys sharing the STOKE with us!
🥇 Andrea Principi
🥈 Lorenzo Casati
🥉 Timo Boersema
Equal 4th place:
Liam Whaley
Giel Vlugt
Luca Ceruti
Equal 7th place:
Edgar Ulrich
Kevin Langeree
Aaron Hadlow
Nico Gambier
Jeremy Burlando
Jamie Overbeek
Equal 13th place:
Jett Bradshaw
Simon Bruhn
Nick Jacobsen
Mikkel Hansen
Lasse Walker
Clement Huot


1st price: 5000 EURO
2nd price: 3000 EURO
3rd price: 2000 EURO

The Cold Hawaii Big Air event is mobile and has an open window from the 9th–25th of September for the best possible Extreme Big Air conditions and will run between Vorupør and Hanstholm.


Division of fleet has been as follow:

· Top 3 from Cold Hawaii Big Air 2021 have been invited
· 2 local wild cards + 1 event wild card are handed out by the event committee
· 12 riders are selected via video submission by the event committee.


Timo Boersma, NED

Jett Bradshaw, RSA 

Simon Bruhn, GER

Jeremy Burlando, SPN 

Lorenzo Casati, ITA 

Luca Ceruti, RSA 

Nicolas Gambier, FRA

Aaron Hadlow, UK 

Mikkel Hansen, DEN

Clement Huot, FRA 

Nick Jacobsen, DEN 

Kevin Langeree, NED 

Jamie Overbeek, NED 

Andrea Principi, ITA 

Edgar Ulrich, FRA 

Giel Vlugt, NED 

Lasse Walker, NED 

Liam Whaley, SPA