Cold Hawaii Big Air Presented by:


8 - 24 september 2023

Judging Criteria

Best 3 Jumps + Impression Score

  • 3 BEST SCORES : Only the 3 best tricks of the whole performance will be counted and will form part of the final result.
    Note: VARIETY within your best 3 counted moves is a key-factor
  • 1 IMPRESSION SCORE combination of different factors as: technical difficulty / style / execution / risk / show / innovation, with big emphasis for variety, for the entire heat duration.
  • The sum of these 4 scores (that weigh evenly) will be the final score. (3 best scores + 25%+25%+25% + 1 Imp. score 25% =100%)

NB: Judging Criteria could be subject to changes due to constant update by judges committee. Riders will receive specific information’s at the riders meeting prior to event start.