Cold Hawaii Big Air Presented by: CORE

8 - 24 september 2023


Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: CORE is an invitational event. Only the invited riders are allowed to enter the event competition. The Cold Hawaii Big Air Video Contest will determine the list of invited riders (reserves included), selected by the Event Team and Judging Committee, to participate and compete at Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: CORE.

The Cold Hawaii Big Air Video Contest is open and all submissions must be an open YouTube video link. All entries will be shown  on the Entries page.

Download the full competition rules here.

Film your best clips, wrap and splice them up, then submit your edit (via a YouTube link) for a chance to gain a slot to Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by: CORE.

2023 Video Submission Schedule:

VIDEO ENTRIES CLOSE – 23:59 August 1st

Few tips to wrap-up the perfect video:

  • 5 jumps only. Make your selection – show your 5 best moves (only)! Max. 5 moves.
  • A maximum of 5 moves/clips in each edited video. There will be no further judgement after the 5th move is  shown/completed.
  • Best 3 scores count. The panel will judge video-clip on Cold Hawaii Big Air presented by CORE Judging Criteria based on 3 best significant different tricks/jumps and general flow (strictly different jumps/tricks).
  • Variety in the jumps and move-selection is extremely important. Repetition of similar jumps (and/or tricks) could result in lowering scores.
  • Take-off and Landing. Make sure to include clearly visible the Take-off and the Landing. No Take-off or Landing = No score.


  • Please only submit YouTube Videos, not Youtube Shorts.
  • No fancy editing required.
  • Max. 1 min video-clip length.
  • No footage older or filmed later than in the last/past year.
  • No previous Cold Hawaii Big Air or Red Bull King of the Air video clips or entry application or part of event live stream will be allowed.
  • No point of view (POW) clips as: line, mouth, board, kite, harness mountcam footage.

Submission form:

Please fill in a phone number that we can add in a Whatsapp group. Please include country code.
If you have no sponsors at the moment, please write 'None'.
Only YouTube Videos, no YouTube Shorts

Video will be uploaded onto the website upon approval from the organisation (max. 12 hours).