Cold Hawaii Games is an annual event with a wide variety of sports and cultural events. Cold Hawaii Games takes place for the second time on September 13–20th in Thy.

The main event is Denmark's first kite big air event. The event will attract some of the world's best sailors to Denmark. The Big Air event is a collaboration between Nick Jacobsen who is one of the world's most famous kite surfers and Friends of Cold Hawaii.

But Cold Hawaii Games offers much more than kite surfers jumping 30 meters up in the air. The program will also include Cold Hawaii Shark Hunt (6 x world champion Casper Steinfath chasing SUP riders in Vorupør), THY Open (skateboarding competition on the beach in Klitmøller), 2 bikes races, 3 yoga activities, 1 windsurf competition, 1 adventure race, 1 bodyboard competition, workshops and much more.



Cold Hawaii Games' key value is Community. Our wish is that this event can be a platform where different associations and companies can stand together for the biggest sporting event in Cold Hawaii; and thus also jointly contribute to the development of the region and strengthen the knowledge of Cold Hawaii as well as Thy.


Who is behind?

Friends of Cold Hawaii is a non-profit organization responsible for branding Cold Hawaii and running the Cold Hawaii Games. For Cold Hawaii Games, we are responsible for Cold Hawaii Big Air, Cold Hawaii Shark Hunt and Thy Open and also act as the unifying organization for the other events which are arranged in collaboration with various sports clubs and associations in Thy.