Cold Hawaii SUP International Youth Cup presented by SIC


Cold Hawaii SUP International Youth Cup presented by SIC

In 2023 Cold Hawaii Games will add a brand new event to the mix. While being in the holding period for Cold Hawaii Big Air 2023, the same venue, Cold Hawaii Surf Arena, at Vorupør Beach will be hosting the best young stand-up paddlers in the world as well as inviting locals and tourists to watch and join for SUP lessons during the weekend.


Competition info


There will be 2 age divisions to compete in U18 and U21, with all divisions separated into girls and boys. There will be prize money in both divisions.

Competition dates: 8-10th of September 2023 (CANCELLED)

Friday we will welcome all the athletes, do the registrations, race briefing and give everyone a chance to try out the racecourse. Saturday is race day. After giving everyone a chance to do a warmup on water, the race will start. After the race there will be a prize ceremony and social dinner.
Sunday will it be possible to participate in SUP lessons.


The racecourse of the event will be a traditional M-course with a beach run. The race will start with a beach start approximately 20 meters from the water. Then they will have to race 100 meters out to the first buoy and make a right turn towards the beach. As they reach the beach, they will have to do a left turn around the flag running with the board. Now again, they must race about 100 meters out to the 2nd buoy making another right turn and then racing back in, leaving the board at the beach, only finishing with the paddle.


Every heat will be 4-5 people. From each heat 2 people will move on to the next round. In the first round there is no elimination, the best 2 will move on to the 2nd round, and the last 2 will move to the repechage. From repechage the top 2 will move to 2nd round and the last 2 will be eliminated. The same procedure will follow the rest of the competition. The numbers moving on or eliminating can change after the numbers of people participating.

Seating in the heats will be decided on previous heat placement and then based on the previous heat time. The exception of this rule will happen in the first round, where there will be a random chosen seating.

Example: there will be 2 heat winners and 2nd heat places in each heat of 4. The fastest time of the heat winner will be seated first, the 2nd heat winner will be seated 2nd, then it will be the same procedure for 3rd and 4th seating between the 2 previous 2nd places. A 2nd place can never be seated higher than 1st, even with a faster previous heat time.

Prize Money – 2700€ in total

U21: 1800€ in total
2x 3rd 150€
2x 2nd 300€
2x 1st 450€

U18: 900€ in total
2x 3rd 100€
2x 2nd 150€
2x 1st 200€

Rules: Rulebook

ISA SUP rules (Except for the distance, which will be a mix of sprint/tech race and heats of 4-5)
U18: From 18 years and under at the competition day.
U21: From 21 years and under at the competition day.

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Board rent

Board rent is available at the venue. 75€ per day for minimum 3 days. 8 boards are available – first come, first served.

See you in Cold Hawaii.